Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi all!

I apologize for my absence and sparse entries these past two weeks. Travel has kept me confined to an airplane, a car, or some other mode of transportation and allowed me little time to write, bake or create!

Since today is Veteran's Day, I thought I might write a post in dedication to our valued soldiers overseas, or the ones training to be overseas like my friend Cody in basic out there in Texas.

I use Google Trends a great deal in my daily ramblings, and today I spotted something interesting. It's called "Operation Gratitude" and it's helping thousands of soldiers by sending supplies and letters, as well as love, across the sea to Iraq.

As an individual who lacks a steady income, I was not able to make a donation monetarily, but I printed out the list of supplies they need and am also going to enclose a letter to a soldier. Or soldiers, depending. I'm going to make a mix cd for my friend Cody and send it to him at basic training.

I think that sometimes we take for granted the fact that there's a war going on with our sons, daughters, wives, husbands, etc..fighting for freedom in the name of individuality rather than just the United States. These brave men and women are hoping for a brighter future and learning a skill at the same time, something I can't particularly say about myself.

I wanted to show my appreciation for what my friend Cody is doing, especially since he's younger than me and has already pledged his time, energy and youth to the Army National Guard. There's a song by Bright Eyes called "First Day of My Life". It reminds me of how important my friends are to me, especially Cody for what he's doing and for all those that have touched my life somehow.

With Thanksgiving approaching we should also remember to be thankful for our troops, to our families and friends and band together to pull out of this recession nonsense.

And, as always, check the links to the right. You never know when someone will need a little bit of your love via hit!

Thanks to all of you! Happy Veteran's Day!

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